Weird News

Study Reveals Most Popular Late-Night Fast Food Chains
Video Captures Enormous Spider Approaching Police Officer... Kind Of
This Week's Weird News
Traveler Blames Mother After TSA Finds Gun In His Luggage
Mechanic Busted Taking Customers Car On Joyride, Hitting...
Released Inmate Breaks Into Home, Eats Sandwich, Cuts Toenails
Mom Captures Video Of Creepy Face On Baby Monitor
Pizza Delivery Man Makes Delivery To Terminally Ill Customer...
62-Year-Old Man Survives Fall Down Mine Shaft, Kills Three Rattlesnakes
Famed Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Expected to Win Election, Despite Death
Hotel Lets You See Everyone Who Stayed In A Room Before You
Video Shows Woman Abandoning Toddler on Texas Doorstep, Deputies Say


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