Bride Finds Stranger On Facebook To Be Bridesmaid After Hers Drop Out

What do you do when more than half of your bridesmaids drop out of your wedding? Bride-to-be Mollie Knight turned to social media to replace them. In a Facebook group for brides called The Wedding Connection, she asked, “Anyone wanna be a bridesmaid in a stranger’s wedding (my wedding) in 67 days?”

When several of Knight’s bridesmaids couldn’t make it because of financial reasons or family emergencies, more than 600 strangers offered to fill in as a bridesmaid. The bride-to-be says she was hoping people would sympathize, but never expected so many women to selflessly step up to help, like these:

  • “Where you at? I got a flight voucher I need to use,” one woman responded.
  • “I’m down. I’ll be the old childhood friend,” another wrote. “I can make up some killer stories of us ‘growing up together."

Kylee Cook, also in the process of planning her wedding, is the chosen women. Cook says she was inspired to help a fellow bride after imagining what she would do if it happened to her. She’ll be standing up for Knight with five other bridesmaids at her November 14th wedding and Knight has also invited some of the other women who applied to be bridesmaids to be there as guests.

“It is absolutely astonishing how many women got to my inbox just wanting to uplift other women!,” the bride-to-be wrote in a follow-up post on Facebook. “For those of you who want to attend the wedding I would love to extend a last minute formal invite!”

WOW....that is truly amazing!


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