My Christmas Weekend In Pics!

Hope you had an awesome Christmas! My dogs went completely nuts over presents like they usually do, and my husband got me the indoor garden I've wanted for forever! I love that even when I'm being lazy, I'm still technically gardening. LOL!

Did I accidentally (on purpose) get a gift for my dog Olive that made her look even more like Baby Yoda? LOL!

We watched a TON of TV/movies. Between Soul, WW84, and The Midnight Sky...Soul was the winner for me! Pixar just knows how to make me feel things! And it wouldn't be Christmas weekend without a little baking. I finally broke in my Kitchen Aid mixer and made those Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookies with a couple substitutions. I used pecans instead of walnuts and because I was low on chocolate chips and added in some chopped up Reece's Cups. Soooo good.