Reporter Is Unsure: Is It a Dog or a Mountain Lion

It's a good thing she remained calm.. being oblivious probably saved her from an attack. On Tuesday, an Internet-wide debate was sparked after a Utah reporter shared a video segment of her early morning live shot. While in the dark woodsy area, Morgan Saxton’s cross to the newsroom was interrupted by a mysterious creature walking towards her.

Unsure of the mysterious creature’s true identity, Saxton turned to Twitter where her tweet soon went viral.“Terrifying,” she called the incident, alongside her short segment. “A dog, maybe a mountain lion, made it’s TV debut during my morning live shot!!! What animal do you think this it is?”

Twitter users immediately sprung into action, offering opinions of what exactly they believed this furry creature was.Some were convinced it was a dog based on its calm behavior around a human.Other suggestions from the Twitterverse included a bobcat, coyote, and fox. One user even poked fun at the situation, telling Saxton, “Cosmo the BYU mascot just walked by you.”But the debate didn’t last for long, as professionals from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources finally weighed in on the situation. 

At first, the scientists tweeted that it was “difficult” to confirm the animal’s identity from the video, but said they were planning to visit the scene and search for tracks or evidence. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the creature was in fact, canine.

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