Ex-Con Intentionally Gets Caught Again Because Jail Has Better Cable

It's amazing what some people will do for quality television programming. One guy from Toulouse, France recently was released from prison. However, earlier this month he once again got busted for a bunch of burglaries when the police found his DNA at the crime scenes. Seems that when they arrested him, he admitted he'd intentionally spit all over the houses he broke into because he wanted to get caught. He said that the reason he wanted to head back to prison was that they had a premium TV channel called Canal-Plus for free. And he wanted to go back to prison to watch it. A subscription to Canal-Plus costs around $11-a-month. The channel has things like movies, sports, and original and imported TV series. A quick glance over their homepage showed they've got shows like "Killing Eve" and "Big Bang Theory" and movies like "The Predator" and "The Emoji Movie". The court ordered a psych evaluation of this guy before they decide whether to send him back to prison to watch TV or not.

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