Andi's Adoptables: Meet Shirley!

Shirley is a 5 year old tuxie who was described by her previous home as being affectionate and friendly with very playful personality. She loves playing with wand toys and loved looking out of windows. According to her previous owners, she is also very cuddly and enjoys being a lap cat when she's looking to snuggle. She came to the shelter because she was playing pretty roughly with their other cat--but we didn't suspect that her play was abnormal or because she didn't like the other cat as they were adopted out together and were littermates, but to be safe, we're recommending either she is the only cat in her new home, or her new family spend some time playing with her to help her expend her energy, or she goes into a home with another pet with a similar energy level. Shirley is available for adoption from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

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