DDG: Man, Birth Mom Meet For First Time, Realize They Work At Same Hospital

A 20-year-old Utah man who was adopted at birth meets his birth mother for the first time and they realize they both work at the same hospital. In 2001, Holly Shearer was a pregnant 15-year-old facing the toughest decision of her life. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to provide her child with the life that he deserved, so she gave him up for adoption.

It was a closed adoption, so Holly only knew the adoptive parents, Angela and Bryan Hulleberg by their first names. The Hullebergs had struggled with infertility and were grateful to the young woman who made their family possible by giving them their son, Benjamin. “We knew Holly loved Benjamin from the day she handed him to us,” Angela says. “She loved him with her whole heart and soul.”

Benjamin had an idyllic childhood and always wanted to meet his birth mother, to “thank her because I knew that I had been given a really good life, full of opportunity.” So when he turned 18, he started searching for her and it turns out, Holly had been looking for Benjamin too, and she found him via social media. She sent him a message for his 20th birthday, which he was ecstatic to receive. The next night, he, Angela, and Holly met for dinner and that’s when they discovered they both worked at the same hospital. “He was so close to me the whole time,” Holly says.

Source: KSL TV

Cheerful man and his mature mother embracing in the kitchen.

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