DDG: Girl Saves Choking Stepdad Weeks After Learning Heimlich Maneuver

An eight-year-old Florida girl saves her stepdad from choking using the Heimlich maneuver, which she’d just learned two week before. On Sunday morning, Michael Langston was playing video games in the living room of his Brandenton home when he took a bite of a sandwich and a piece got lodged in his windpipe.

Video of the incident shows Langston struggling when he realizes he can’t breathe. He rushes to get the attention of his six-year-old stepson Keegan. "He was patting his chest, so I realized he was choking," Keegan recalls. So Keegan ran to get his big sister Peyton, who wastes no time in performing the Heimlich maneuver on Langston, thrusting twice and dislodging the food from his throat.Tabitha Parker, Peyton’s mom couldn’t have been more proud of her daughter. "As soon as I got home from work, we immediately went to get ice cream," Parker says. "But I don't think she truly understood the gravity of what she did."

Parker, who is a Manatee County paramedic was at work when the incident occured, but was thankful that she’d taken the time to show her children how to do the Heimlich maneuver just a few weeks before. And Langston is thankful that she’d taught them it, too. "I'd be dead if it wasn't for them," he says. "It's mind-blowing, you know, and it's scary, but I've never been more proud." Parker now plans to follow up and teach both of her children CPR, too. She says you never know when it might save a life.

Source:FOX 13 News

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