Daily Do Good: Pregnant Woman Saves Man From House Fire In Utah

A pregnant woman in Utah risks her life and the life of her unborn child to save a neighbor whose house is on fire. Sarah Maughan, who is four and a half months pregnant, noticed flames coming from one of her neighbor’s homes a couple of blocks from hers. Without thinking, the dental hygienist from West Jordan, jumped in her car and drove toward the fire. She pulled up the house and despite the intense heat she banged on the home’s door until the resident woke up and escaped the fire.

"I just reacted. Probably not the best idea, you know, being pregnant,” she recalls. “But you know, I would hate to see the fire and know I didn't do anything and somebody died." Understandably, the neighbor was thankful for the warning. "He was very grateful. We were just kind of hugging each other. He's like, 'I would have been smoked out,’” she recalls. “He says, 'I would have been dead if you hadn't banged on that door.'"

But Maughan wasn’t the only hero that evening. When the fire spread to the house next door, two West Jordan police officers braved the flames to get a woman and her dog out of that home. Maughan says she just did what she hopes anyone would do if she was in the same place as her neighbor. "I just want people to start caring about one another," she says.


House Fire

Photo: Getty Images

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