Daily Do Good: Girl Bakes & Sells Cupcakes To Buy Gifts For Foster Kids

A little girl in Texas is making and selling cupcakes to buy Christmas gifts for children in foster care. Summer Linn spent her Thanksgiving break making more than 2-thousand cupcakes to raise money for her cause. The Pearland third-grader set up a table in front of a shopping center in her community south of Houston to sell boxes of homemade cupcakes with all of the money going to purchase gifts for kids in foster care.

Summer says it’s tough for Santa to find kids in foster care. “He’s very busy,” she says. “They get moved a lot. They’re special no matter what anyone says or does. Seriously. They deserve a good Christmas.” So she plans to do just that by adopting 13 foster kids, pledging to get them gifts.

The Texas eight-year-old knows how difficult it can be for some kids in foster care during the holidays. Her mom, Max, was in and out of foster care for seven years as a child. “Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it’s supposed to be a time with family, you feel unwanted and unloved. Because again, you’re a foster kid,” Max recalls. And so Summer is doing what she can to help a few foster kids have a great holiday. “They deserve something to make them feel like they’re wanted and loved, which they are,” she says.

Source:Sunny Skyz

Vanilla and raspberry cupcakes

Photo: Getty Images

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