Daily Do Good: Amazon Manager’s Delivery Saves Couple’s Wedding Day

“Star Trek” superfans Ian and Lily wanted to incorporate something from the sci-fi series in their wedding. So Ian found a designer on Etsy that could make custom “Star Trek” outfits for the groom and his best man for the big day. The suits were made and shipped well before Ian and Lily's wedding, but just 10 days before the date, they received word that the package was missing.

Somehow, UPS had delivered the package containing the outfits to an Amazon warehouse instead of Ian’s apartment. The designer took to Twitter to try and get help sorting out the mixup. Well, she didn’t get a response from Jeff Bezos, but someone at Amazon was paying attention.

Brooke Perriton, an Amazon operations manager in Las Vegas, stepped in to try to help the couple find their missing package and get it to them in time for their wedding. “I knew that it was a custom wedding outfit … he couldn’t just run down to Macy’s or run down to Nordstrom and grab a new suit,'' says Perriton. “So I was like alright listen we cannot let this man not get married in his custom outfit so I figured we’d go ahead and put a smile on his face.” And so even though it wasn’t Amazon’s mess up that caused the problem, Perriton hand delivered the outfits to Ian’s home in time for the couple’s wedding.

Source:News 3 LV

Man is holding big cardboard box delivery parcel.

Photo: Getty Images

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