DDG: Opposing Teams Cooperate So Disabled Student Can Score Touchdown

Some young football players in Montana are reminding us what being a good sport is all about. For the last game of their season, the Columbia Falls Junior High School football team allowed a player on the opposing team to score a touchdown.

It all started when Whitefish Middle School’s football coach,John Coyne, approached the Columbia Falls coaching staff with a special request before the game. He asked if a student with a “high needs disability” could score a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Columbia Falls coach Rick Lawrence approached his team at halftime and asked if they would let the kid get a catch without anyone tackling him and let him get a touchdown.

“They were all for it,” he says. “We wanted to make it look realistic for him.” Even though Columbia Falls was down in the fourth quarter, the play went as planned. The student ran the ball all the way to the end zone, as the other team ran alongside him and pretended to try to tackle him. Coach Coyne says it was “so cool and graceful” to watch.

Source:Hungry Horse News

High school football score seen from distance

Photo: Getty Images

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