Woman Confused At Baby Shower For Woman Who’s Not Pregnant

A woman’s coworker, Rhonda, invited her to a baby shower for her daughter, but this was no ordinary baby shower. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, she explains that after arriving at the event with a baby gift, she met the “mom-to-be” and congratulated her on the upcoming baby. But she was shocked when Rhonda’s daughter replied, “Thank you, I’m not pregnant quite yet, but it’s always good to be prepared when the time comes.”

The woman writes that she was visibly confused and another coworker explained that Rhonda’s daughter had been “feeling down because quite a few of her friends had been pregnant,” so her mom decided to throw her a “party to shower her with love.”

It turns out, this information was shared on the physical invitations, but none of the coworkers had received one. When it was clear she’d been lied to, the woman asked if she could take her gift back, saying she’d prefer to get her a gift when she was actually having a baby. Rhonda said it would be rude and that her daughter is going through a lot, but the woman took the present and left anyway.

  • But the drama didn’t stop there. Rhonda’s daughter sent her hateful messages on Facebook, calling her a “disrespectful old b*tch” and a bad friend to Rhonda. And even worse? Rhonda is threatening to go to HR at their company if she doesn’t give the baby shower gift back AND buy something else off the registry “for the suffering” she’s caused.
  • The woman has turned to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong here and nearly all the users agree she’s not. One Redditor calls this shower “literally the most tacky, gift grabby, batsh*t crazy thing I’ve ever heard of.”

Source:Reddit AITA

Balloons and candy laid out on a table outside for a baby shower

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