DDG: 16-Year-Old Lifeguard Saves Woman from Drowning First Week on the Job

Sixteen-year-old Avery Pritchard from Greensboro was on her sixth day of work as a certified lifeguard when she dove into the pool to rescue a 28-year-old woman who appeared to be having a seizure, according to a report from FOX 8 WGHP. Pritchard said she saw the woman in the middle of the deeper area of the pool with her hand on her neck and immediately knew she was showing signs of a seizure and drowning, according to Guilford County Park and Recreation Authorities reported by FOX 8 WGHP. The lifeguard swam to the woman in seconds, grabbed hold of her and pulled her into the edge of the pool, according to the report. Authorities said the woman got emergency treatment at the Bur-Mil Park Aquatic Center pool.

"I’m grateful I was able to save her," Pritchard told FOX 8 WGHP. "At this age, you should feel responsible and conscious, and I am quite confident thanks to my training."

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Photo: Getty Images

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