A Guy with a Gunshot Wound Claimed He Thought It Was Just a Bee Sting

The only thing dumber than this guy's cover story is that he didn't need one. Either that, or he's still lying . . .

34-year-old John Wallner showed up at a hospital in Upstate New York on Sunday with a gunshot wound to his hand. And his story about it kept changing.

He lives in Vermont, about 60 miles from the hospital. And at first, he said the shooting happened in New York.

But then he said it actually happened in Vermont . . . and that he didn't go to a hospital right away because he didn't think it was a big deal. He said he thought it was just a BEE STING.

Cops didn't buy it and kept questioning him. And he eventually told them he shot HIMSELF in the hand while cleaning his gun.

If that's true, then he probably didn't need to lie about it. Or it's possible he's still lying.

For now, he's facing charges for providing false information to law enforcement.