DDG: Dad Writes 270 Lunchbox Notes To Daughter For Each Day He’s Deployed

An Army dad wanted his daughter to know she was on his mind when he left for a deployment to Afghanistan. So Staff Sergeant Philip Gray wrote 270 messages to his seven-year-old, Rosie, one for each day he was expected to be away.

His notes were full of positivity and encouragement, with messages like “You are a super girl,” reminders of how smart she is, and things that would make her happy. His wife Kristen would stick the notes inside Rosie’s lunchbox every morning to make her day and let her know her dad was thinking about her.

After 10 months away, Gray returned home three days before Rosie’s birthday. “Stepping out of quarantine and getting to see the girls, that was the greatest thing,” he says.

Source:ABC News