Man Finds Lingerie, Tickets In His Car After Leaving It At A Repair Shop

A Florida man had dropped his 2003 Jeep Liberty off at a local repair shop to get some work done. When he got the Jeep back, he got way more than he bargained for.

Victor Oddo says he dropped off the Jeep on January 15 because the engine light was on. Text messages between him and the owner document three weeks of slow progress before he finally picked up the Jeep on February 6. He says that while he was cleaning up the car after he picked it up, he found sand and stains in the backseat, clothing tags and a pink, lacy thong in the back under the passenger seat. Not to mention there were unpaid toll tickets as well. 

When confronted, the owner of the repair shops said that the only person who could have possibly taken the Jeep on a joyride was currently in jail on murder charges. Victor plans on fighting the tickets in court because he doesn't want it affecting his driver's license. 

Source: WFLA

Photo- Getty

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