Daily Do Good: Police Surprise Widower With Recreation Of Lost Wedding Ring

Police and a jeweler came together to replace a lost wedding ring for a widower. David Eaton’s wife died 13 years ago and the one-of-a-kind ring she gave him meant the world to him, so he was devastated when he lost it. After searching for it with no luck, the 89-year-old Irvine, California man filed a police report that caught the attention of local officers.

Officer Brian Smith tracked down the woman who made his ring back in the 80s and got the mold, then worked with a local jeweler to make an exact replica. MacTavish Jewelers was so touched by the story, they recreated the ring as a gift for Eaton and Officer Smith spent a month trying to figure out how to surprise him. He had Eaton meet him at the jewelry store and was left speechless by the heartfelt gesture.

Source:ABC News

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