Man Survives 3 Weeks In Alaskan Wilderness In Subzero Temperatures

Tyson Steele had been living in his Susitna Valley home in the Alaskan wilderness with his dog until it burned to the ground three weeks ago. The 30-year-old man from Utah lost everything in the blaze, including his phone, and when friends hadn’t heard from him, they called for a welfare check.

He managed to survive by sleeping in a snow cave for the first few nights, then he built a shelter around his wood stove. Steele also carved SOS in huge letters in the snow to help those searching find him. He was rescued by Alaska State Troopers, who spotted him from their helicopter and gave him a meal from McDonald’s and a shower.

Now Steele plans to head to Salt Lake City to stay with relatives. “Not ‘back’ home, because this is my home,” he says, “but to my family.”




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