Decorated Veteran’s Prosthetic Legs Taken Away Over Insurance Dispute

A Vietnam and Iraq veteran is unable to walk because of an insurance dispute over payment.

Jerry Holliman is a two time Bronze Star recipient had his new prosthetic legs taken away just days before Christmas. It’s simply because Holliman expects the VA to pay for them at not cost to him, but he’s being forced to use Medicare Part B and he’ll have to shell out 20-percent.

Holliman is firm when saying “Medicare did not send me to Vietnam. I was sent there by my country...with the understanding that if something bad happened to me, that it would be covered by the VA."

Hanger Clinic took the limbs away on December 23 and have since returned them, but until payment of some kind is made, they won’t make needed adjustments. So… Holliman can’t walk.

VA spokesman Matthew Gowan says the claims are highly misleading, Meanwhile Hanger Clinic says they don’t repossess prosthetic after final delivery. The catch here is, final delivery includes payment.


Photo- Getty


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