Daily Do Good: Teen Uncle Saves Three Nieces From Oncoming Car

A trio of young girls were almost hit by a car on New Year’s Day, but their uncle saved them by pushing them out of danger. Javier Solis, 16, was walking home from the store with his 12, 11, and four-year-old nieces when a car drove right at them as they were in the crosswalk.

The uncle is being called a hero for saving the girls and his family is grateful, but he did get hurt himself in the process. Javier is recovering from skull fractures and broken bones in a Phoenix, Arizona hospital, but if not for his quick actions, the situation could’ve been worse.

“He saved me, and I appreciate that," says one of the nieces, 11-year-old Aylin Garcia. "I want him to know that we love him and to feel better,

Source:Arizona Family



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