Daily Do Good: Uber Passenger Helps Driver Get College Degree

A former Uber driver earned her college degree thanks to some help from one of her passengers. Latonya Young, a 43-year-old single mom, was working days as a hairstylist and an Uber driver at night and one day she shared her life story with one of her passengers.

While she drove Kevin Esch, Young revealed she had to drop out of high school at 16 to take care of her first child and that she recently had to drop out of college at Georgia State University because of a $700 unpaid balance. A few days after that ride, she got a call from the school telling her she could register for classes because it had been paid - by her passenger!

Young recently received her associate’s degree in criminal justice and Esch was there to see her get it. Now she’s pursuing her bachelor’s degree and it’s all because of his help. “This one changed my life,” she explains. “That one ride.”




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