School Admin Looking At Demotion, Pay Cut Because Of Halloween Costume

This could be the most expensive Halloween costume in history. A South Florida School administrator who oversees purchasing for a district could receive a demotion and a nearly $44-thousand pay cut because she showed up for work on Halloweendressed as a flasher.

Mary Cokercurrently makes $154,286 as the district’s director of procurement and warehousing services, a job she’s held since 2016. The Districts Superintendent plans to ask the School Board on Tuesday to demote her to manager of materials and logistics, a job where the most she could be paid is $110,702.

According to a district complaint, Mary showed up at an alternative school, and an administrative office wearing a costume consisting of “only a black coat and hat, with a tight fabric underneath which replicated a naked female body.” 

  • During a brunch at the office, Mary apparently flashed a bunch of kids, staff, and colleagues while telling everyone to "Relax, it is fake, please erase the pictures." It seems that not everyone knew it was a costume and got pretty freaked out about it.
  • The complaint includes a wide range of offenses, including indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, incompetence, willful neglect of duty, misconduct in office and failure to comply with School Board policy.

Source: New York Post



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