DDG: Volunteer Drives Cross Country To Reunite Dying Woman With Dog

A woman in Minnesota received a terminal health diagnosis and doctors only gave her a few months to live. She was forced to move to Washington state, where a friend could help care for her, but her beloved dog, Bailey, couldn’t come. He’s a pug mix with a “smoosh” nose” who could have problems breathing at high altitudes, so the airline wouldn’t allow the dog to make the trip.

She tearfully left Bailey with a local vet clinic and made the move. But Ryan Chukuske, a volunteer at Spot’s Last Stop Canine Rescue heard the story and stepped up to help. He volunteered to drive the dog across the country so the woman could enjoy her last days with her pet by her side.

“I didn’t hesitate,” Ryan explains. “I just think it was one of those things where everyone deserves good things to happen to them regardless of where you’re at in life, and especially maybe at the end of your life.



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