Daily Do Good: Teacher Donates Kidney To Student’s Dad

Rob Pokora was in desperate need of a kidney transplant and found a donor in an unexpected person: his son’s teacher. The South Carolina dad was placed on the transplant list back in 2015, but didn’t want anyone to know he was sick and wouldn’t even let his wife send a letter to friends and family asking for prayers, much less a kidney.

But because no one knew, no one could help him. And as he got sicker, his son, Robbie, who was 17 at the time, was afraid and stressed, so he opened up to his AP government teacher, Ray Steadman. The teacher says as he listened to the teen, he heard a voice inside his head saying, “You can do this.” So he did!

Steadman talked to his wife, doctor, pastor and principal and then the family and offered to be the donor. Both men came through the surgery with no complications and they’re both happy and healthy now.




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