People Aren't Happy About An Exercise Bike Christmas Ad

It’s the classic feel-good Christmas tale.

A husband wants his wife to lose a little around the middle, so he gives her some exercise equipment. She’s thrilled but also scared. She captures her journey of apparent self-discovery on social media for a year so that the happy couple can celebrate the following Christmas by reviewing her progress.

Only consumers aren't impressed. In fact, they have a ton of questions.

The company is Peloton and they sell exercise bikes with screens that connect cyclists for remote classes. The bike is great, the ad isn't.

Many can't figure out how much weight the skinny woman who's documenting her weight loss journey actually lost. Others are questioning who gives their wife an exercise bike for Christmas. 

Peloton opted to have the comments turned off on their Twitter post and that’s probably a good thing, considering the kind of backlash it was getting.

Source: MarketWatch



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