DDG: Man With Muscular Dystrophy Carried To Mountain Top By Hikers

A group of 33 people were going to hike 5,800 feet up a mountain and Shue Vang was determined to be part of it. The only issue? The 29-year-old has muscular dystrophy and can’t use his legs anymore, but his fellow hikers stepped up to help make his dream a reality.

When the group set out on the Angels Landing Hike at Zion National Park in Utah, Shue had to leave his wheelchair behind at a certain point. And that’s when eight people took turns carrying him on their backs using a special backpack while navigating what’s considered one of the world’s most challenging hiking routes.

They made it and the view from the top moved Vang to tears, but he wasn’t the only emotional one. His friend, Calvin Kim, says, “I’ve done lots of races and none of those can even compare to the sense of fulfillment or achievement we experienced taking Shue to the top.”

Source:Inside Edition



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