Woman Sues Country Club For Wine Spilled On Purse, So They Sue The Waiter

A waiter may have to pay thousands of dollars for a purse after spilling wine on it.

This was not just any purse, but a 30-thousand-dollar Hermes handbag. It happened at Alpine Country Club in New Jersey, in 2018, and has led to a lawsuit nightmare.

Member Maryana Beyder sued the club in October in an effort to pay for the damage to the purse, but the club is now suingthe waiterto try and get him to pay for it. Beyder's attorney says they never meant for the liability to fall on the waiter and they're appalled at the latest turn of events.

The Hermes bag was discontinued, making it irreplaceable. The insurance company wouldn’t cover the damage to the bag and Beyder isn’t happy they fail to “understand why a bag would cost so much.” Many people fail to understand that!

Sounds like there’ll be plenty of crying, by someone, over spilt wine.


Photo- Getty


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