Area Woman Faked Cancer Diagnosis To Raise $10,000

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after being accused of faking a cancer diagnosis to scam donors out of money.

Jessica Smith allegedly created phony fundraising pages on GoFundMe and Facebook, and raised over 10-thousand-dollars. Apparently she told investigators that she was being treated at Penn Medicine, but no record was found there of her receiving treatment.

A tip came in to police from one of Smith’s friends in June, and that’s when the investigation started. Smith’s own husband, Robert, filed a police report a month later, saying she didn’t have cancer. In another twist, her employer told investigators she was on paid time off because she was “very ill from a medical condition.”

In 2016 a separate Pennsylvania woman was convicted in a similar scam, after she netted 30-thousand-dollars while duping donors.

Source:Philadelphia Inquirer



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