Woman Causes Twitter Storm After Comparing 'Green Face' to Blackface

While you may have seen a lot of trick or treaters dressed as witches yesterday with their face painted green, one woman believes all that makeup is offensive, and her reasoning is not sitting well with folks on social media.

A woman who goes by the name “Cannawitch,” recently shared a tweet where she compared Halloween green face to folks wearing blackface. “'Can people stop painting their faces green when they dress up as witches?!,” she tweeted, adding, “The green face represents the harsh punishments and torturings of alleged witches in the 1600s. 'It is just as racist as a white person painting their face black.”

As you can imagine, the tweet caused a lot of controversy on Twitter, with folks blasting the woman for her comments.

  • “Delete this. You appropriated this and made it up as you went along,” one person tweeted, “What a horrifically racist take. 'Why yes, my witch ancestors sat and had tea at lynchings, but you painting your face green for a Halloween costume is much worse.”
  • Meanwhile, another person shared, “The green face comes from the Wizard of Oz because it showed up better in technicolour. It has zero to do with the history of witches and is not comparable to blackface.”
  • The woman’s post did have a few defenders though. “Painting the face green is a gross depiction of witches throughout pop culture and media. It depicts witches as decrepit old hags with nasty features,” one person shared, adding, “Not racist but offensive. They were falsely accused and hunted down for their beliefs and green face continues the stereotype.”

 The original poster eventually took her comment down, but noted, “Maybe I shouldn't have compared it to 'blackface' but that's the popular discriminatory topic,” adding, “I doubt most of twitter would have understood if I compared witches being depicted as evil green wart faced villains with antisemitic drawings.” 

Source:Daily Mail

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