Woman Bites Camel's Testicles to Save Her Life at Truck Stop

People will do anything to protect themselves from danger. Even if that means biting a camel in the junk. A woman in Louisiana found herself it a tough situation at a truck stop after her dog ended up getting loose. It so happens that this particular truck stop has a 600-pound camel named Casper living there in a petting zoo. The woman's dog wound up running into the camel enclosure and that spooked the camel, and when the woman went in to get the dog, Casper the Camel attacked. He wound up pinning the woman against a wall and then tried sitting on her. However, her quick thinking enabled her to survive the attack after she bit the camel in his testicles. That seemed to do the trick as Casper ended up getting off the woman. Now, the good news is that the camel was shocked but probably not hurt since the woman didn't have any teeth. The cops came and the couple got tickets for trespassing and not having the dog on a leash.



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