Dry Shampoo Bottle Explodes in Woman’s Vehicle, Destroys Sunroof

What happens when you leave an aerosol can, with contents under pressure, in a hot car? Let’s just say… boom!

A Missouri woman is now preaching about the dangers of leaving aerosol cans in hot cars thanks to her explosive experience. Christine Bader Debrecht, of St. Peters, says the sunroof in her daughter's Honda Civic was shattered after a can of dry shampoo left inside exploded.

In a Facebook post, Debrecht explained that the day's warm temperature caused the explosion, with the can blowing off a console cover and shooting straight through the sunroof. It took Debrecht and her daughter about 15 minutes before they located the source of the explosion, thanks to the white residue from the dry shampoo.

The can was found 50 feet away. FIFTY. The mother says she feels lucky her daughter was not inside at the time.

Aerosol cans can’t handle temperatures above 120 degrees. Firefighters warn the temperature inside a vehicle can climb to 140 degrees on a 90-degree day in less than 30 minutes.




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