Daily Do Good: Charity Donates Restaurant Crayons To Schools

Ever wonder what happens to the barely-used crayons left behind at restaurants when kids are finished? Lots of restaurants give brand-new boxes of crayons to kids to color with and most of the time, they’re left on the table after the meal and tossed with the trash. But Sheila Michail Morovati decided to do something about that 10 years ago and she asked restaurants to collect the crayons and she started a recycling program called Crayon Collection.

Now Crayon Collection works in all 50 states and nine countries to bring crayons in good condition that are destined for the trash to classrooms in under-served schools instead. Their goal is to cut down on the 150 million crayons tossed by restaurants every year and so far, they’ve helped over 13-million crayons get donated. Morovati says, “It’s just such a sustainable and great win-win.”

Source:Mental Floss



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