More Pig Ears Dog Treats Recalled As People And Dogs Gets Sick

Pitch those pig ears treats if you’ve go them.

The CDC is warning of a salmonella outbreak from tainted dog treats. Officials confirmed yesterday that more than 140 people in 35 states have contracted salmonella from handling Pig Ears dog chews. Over 30 have been hospitalized and 26 were children.

Because we handle the treats, to give them to our pups, this is the end result. The CDC warned consumers in July not to give Pig Ears to their dogs and to throw them away. Earlier this week Berkley & Jensen Pig Ears were recalled for possible salmonella contamination.

Dogs with salmonella usually get diarrhea, may vomit and seem more tired. If your dog has these signs, you're urged to contact a veterinarian.

Source:CBS News



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