Restaurant Shut Down After Caught Washing Kitchen Supplies In Lake

Sometimes you just have to see something in order to believe it and for patrons of a Chinese restaurant in Old Hickory, Tennessee, somethings are just better left not seen.

The owners of a this Chinese restaurant have been gone viral after employees were caught on camera washing kitchen supplies used at the restaurant in a local lake. Now the owners’ daughter is insisting that there was more to the story but the local Health Department got involved and has temporarily shut down the eatery upon an investigation.

While the establishment passed the inspection, and is back open for business, customers' opinions are mixed as to whether or not they’ll dine there again.

A series of photos and videos were shared on Facebook featuring the female owner of No.1 Chinese Restaurant and a male employee washing kitchen supplies in a lake. A couple that had been at the lake couldn't believe what they were seeing and grabbed the cell phone to take a video of them. 

The daughter swears that this was the first time they took any kitchen supplies to the lake and that no other eating utensils or supplies had ever been washed at the lake. The dishwasher rack that they cleaned at the lake was filled with grease and they didn't want that grease to end up down the drain at the restaurant. 

Source: Facebook



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