Restaurant Wanted Proof that a Man Had Cancer Before Giving Discount

Some restaurants are just ruthless when it comes to up charging their customers. A family was recently trying to celebrate a birthday for a man's seventeen-year-old grandson. However, the man and the family weren't able to have the birthday celebration because one of the guests couldn't prove he had cancer.

The restaurant had apparently required the man to pay for his portion of the buffet even though the man is battling tongue cancer and can't eat without a tube. The family couldn't believe that the restaurant wouldn't allow the man to attend the birthday party without paying his portion. 

The family had tried to explain to the restaurant that even though nine people would be present at the party, that only eight would be eating as Michael Cooper, the grandfather, is battling cancer.

The restaurant said that unless they could provide a doctor's note to prove he is sick, they would have to pay for him. The party was on a Bank Holiday and there was no way to prove any of it. 

Now the family is demanding an apology from Bon Pan Asian after being left with no option but to cancel the party last minute. 

Source: DailyMail

Photo- Getty


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