Daily Do Good: Thousands of Postcards Sent to El Paso Students

Two fourth-grade teachers in El Paso, Texas made a request after the mass shooting in the city for people across the country to send postcards to their students, who were “sad and in disbelief” after the tragic event. Elvira Flores posted in a closed teachers’ group on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in sending postcards to “help our students know there is plenty of good in the world” and to calm their fears.

Another teacher, Teresa Garrett asked for her school to be included as well and they’ve been blown away by the response. So far, more than a thousand cards have arrived, filled with kindness and encouragement for the kids, along with t-shirts, books, school supplies, and even a football signed by the Notre Dame football team. The teachers are also sharing the positive postcards with other classes and schools to spread the love.

Flores says she wants those sending the cards and gifts to El Paso students to know “their message is being heard,” and it’s “made a huge difference for our community.”

Source:Good Morning America



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