People Say What Appeared to be $100 Bills Rained from the Sky in Lancaster

People in Lancaster, Pennsylvania may have thought their dreams came true after it appeared to be raining $100 bills from the sky and landed on their sidewalks.However, it wasn't because they just hit the lottery but rather they had just become an accessory to a crime. Police say the $100 bills are not real and that they think the bills are tied into another crime. Neighbors had started to flood the streets, picking up the bills as they came resting on the sidewalk. Officials believe the cash could be linked to a robbery and police chase that happened over the weekend. Two men were charged in that crime after they attempted to make a drug deal with the fake money. One of the men had been roof hopping before being caught and police think the bag of money may have eventually fallen off the roof. Police say a lot of people did turn in counterfeit money; they're encouraging others to do the same.


Photo: Getty


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