Bra Ice Packs Could Save You From Summer Boob Sweat

We’re officially half-way through summer, but if the sweltering heat and humidity is keeping you from enjoying the season to the fullest because you’re suffering from constant boob sweat, we feel your pain. There are lots of us who sweat just walking out to the mailbox and are left with a permanent ring of sweat around our underboob area, but apparently there’s a solution: ice packs for your bra.

Polar Products, a company that specializes in hot and cold therapy, is battling the dreaded summer boob sweat with freezable bra inserts they call Cool58 Bra Coolers.The mini ice packs look sort of like those silicone “chicken cutlets” bra inserts women use to enhance their curves, but this pair goes in the fridge or freezer for an hour and the company claims they’ll then chill out your girls to a cool 58-degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours.

These cooler inserts aren’t new, but with record heat waves and all, they’re creating a buzz online and now there’s a two-week wait list to get a set. They’re machine washable, come in two sizes, cost $37.11 for the pair and promise to hide discreetly in your bra. So only you’ll know that you’re boobs are a refreshing 58-degrees while the rest of your body feels like it’s ready to melt.

Source:The Stir


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