VIDEO: Man Bungee Jumps from 330ft When His Harness Snaps

Not sure anyone will be attempting a bungee jump after watching this new viral video of a man in Poland attempting a 330-foot jump. 

The video shows a 39-year-old man leaping from a platform, only to have his harness snap in mid-air, resulting in horrified onlookers and a broken spine. The clip was filmed in Gdynia, Poland, where the man was trying out the extreme sport for the first time. After being raised high into the air, he is seen falling downward with his cord attached, but as he gets closer to the ground, his harness fails and he lands hard on the large, air-filled mat below.

Reports say the man was taken to the hospital after falling from 330 feet. There he is said to have been treated for a broken spine and some internal injuries. The jump was organized by a group called Bungeeclub, who sent a representative to the hospital with the man.

In a Facebook message, the company said, "The most important - the health of the participant of the unfortunate jump is no serious danger. He didn't break his spine!! After a medical examination at the emergency room, he was considered good."

The company issued a brief follow-up message, saying, "We would like to inform you that when our instructor left the ER at night, the condition of the jumper was good."

Source: LADbible 



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