Good Samaritans Flip Truck, Rescue Driver After Rollover Crash


Aerial footage shows a group of strangers working together to rescue the driver of a pickup truck that overturned on a busy Illinois highway. Chopper video taken by ABC Chicago station WLS shows the Ford Ranger blow a tire and spin out and roll onto its roof. But then around a dozen good samaritans rushed to save the driver, who’s been identified as Orlando Hernandez.

The group used its collective strength to turn the truck onto the passenger side. FirefighterT om Meyers was driving past the scene and stopped to help, arriving in time to help get Hernandez out of the wreckage. Thankfully, police report that he wasn’t seriously injured.

“Anytime you see something like that happen,” Meyers says, “you always have the urge to help.”

Source:ABC News


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