Dad Builds Baseball Field in Backyard for Five-Year-Old Son

When Jason Kidd’s young son first asked him to build him a baseball field, he blew the idea off. But after thinking about it, the divorced dad from Ohio decided he could make it happen. So he spent the next two years creating a field of dreams for his five-year-old in the backyard of his home in Brookfield.

Kidd started by clearing all the trees in the yard, then removing the hill and all those baseball diamond building expenses really started to add up. “The field itself wasn’t the most expensive,” he explains. “It was five or six thousand dollars worth of clay, the same kind of clay they use on actual big league fields.”

The dad says he knew what he was getting into and he’s not surprised by how much it cost, which is a whopping $30,000! Kidd’s baseball field is nearly complete, but still needs a fence, which he hopes to have put up soon. Some neighbors expressed concern about potential broken windows from baseballs, but he’s already thought of that.

“The field is strictly for softballs, not hardballs,” he confirms. “There won’t be broken windows with softballs.”




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