Daily Do Good: Missing Woman Found By Grandson After Five Days In The Woods

A grandmother in North Carolina, who hadn’t been seen for five days, was found alive in the woods near her home.Sandra Adams was reported missing by her family after they came to her apartment in Charlotte and couldn’t find her. The 69-year-old granny is known to walk around her complex, but as the search continued, they had no luck locating her.

But Adams’ grandson, Nate Cassel, and his friends decided to search the area one last time and headed into the dense woods nearby. About a quarter-mile in, they spotted Adams lying face-down in a creek bed and feared the worst. They called the police and when they responded, everyone was shocked to see Adams raise her arm. She had fallen on her walk, but is going to be okay.

"It's a blessing. It's a blessing, a big blessing," Cassel says. "A miracle. She's a strong lady."



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