Woman Slams Bride & Groom After Charging $125 A Person to Attend Wedding

Charging admission is nothing new for weddings, but making it “concert ticket” range and then serving cheap food? Not cool.

That’s the take of one woman on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming. The unnamed woman wrote ”I was recently invited to a wedding where we had to pay an admission fee of $125 each for my husband and I for a total of $250. Only to not get much in the way of appetizers (they ran out half way to our table), some of which included hot dogs slices.” Their drinks were Pepsi, wedding favors skipped the table, and the entree was cold and suspect salmon.

The wedding attendee said she toyed with the idea of wearing white since she helped pay for the wedding , but opted to take the high road. When asked why she went, the woman explained she committed before she knew about the “entrance fee.”

She wrapped up the post with this advice... “Unless you’re Beyonce, please don’t charge people to attend your raggedy wedding. Especially if the ceiling is leaking and some of the letters outside of the venue have fallen off.”


Source:Daily Mail

Photo- Getty


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