DDG: Fast Food Worker Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window To Save Customer

A Chick-Fil-A employee has gone viral for heroically saving a choking child. 

Logan Simmons was working the drive-thru at the Flowery Branch location in Georgia when he heard a woman in line screaming that her son was being choked by the seat belt in her car. According to the surveillance footage, he immediately hopped out the drive thru window and into the car, where he pulled out a pocketknife and freed the child from tangled seatbelt. Simmons – who was still in shock – said, “You could see he was turning red and losing pigmentation in his face.” 

The six-year-old’s mom later called the restaurant to thank the young man for rescuing her son. If wasn’t for his quick reaction, the situation could've ended worse. Simmons was glad he was there to help. “I feel like a hero,” he says.




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