'It Was Like Lava' Homes Flooded By Sewage After Line Bursts

It was a rough afternoon for one Massachusetts community after a sewage pipe broke and created what many residents called a "tornado of poop." 

Residents got to experience an overflow of raw sewage in their toilets and bathrooms as four homes in Melrose, a city roughly 10 miles north of Boston, experienced the storm. 

One woman captured the moment "a tornado of poop started forming and started spewing out" on video. It shows a dark, murky liquid bursting from the toilet bowl at her home. She claims the horrific experience "destroyed everything" in its path including her wedding dress, floors, walls and the entire bathroom. It's going to cost her $8,000 to rid her home of the sewage. 

Residents are also claiming it took the city one full day to respond to what happened. The sewer blockage has been repaired, and "the ensuing damage remains under investigation," according to the city. 

Source: WHDH



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