People Can Now Adopt Dogs Who Failed Gov't Training For Being Too Friendly

Not all dogs who want to live a life of service are cut out for the job they’re trying for. Some doggie school dropouts leave because they’re too scared, others don’t have the drive for the job, and some are just “too nice.” While that last one might make it hard for a dog to stop a drug-carrying bad guy who was giving all the good scratches, a failure who’s “too nice” would make the best pet ever. And that’s why organizations including Freedom Service Dogs of America,Mission K9, and Service Dogs to match up these adorable training “failures” with people who will love them forever.

Freedom Service Dogs of America trains shelter dogs to become service dogs, but the ones who aren’t quite right for the gig are adopted to welcoming humans. Service Dogs Inc also works with shelter dogs to turn them into service dogs, but adopts out the ones who aren’t a good fit for the job. The TSA also helps find forever homes for its drug-sniffing dog trainees who don’t work out on the job. So if you’re looking to add a dog into your home, these are some of the best “failures” you could get for a pet.

Source:Scary Mommy



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