Man Befriends Kid With Autism After They Sit Next to Each Other on Flight

It can be scary for parents to put their kids on a flight alone, and Alexa Bjornson was a little worried when her seven-year-old son had to fly solo to visit his dad. Her son, Landon, has autism and flying can be hard for him just like any kid, so mom sent along a note and $10 for Landon’s seat mate, so helping him feel safe and comfortable wouldn’t feel like a burden.

But it turns out, Alexa had nothing to be worried about. On the plane from Las Vegas to Oregon, Landon sat next to Ben Pedraza and the two became fast friends. He says they were cracking jokes and after a while, the kid asked him to stop making “dad jokes.” At the end of the flight, Pedraza snapped a photo with the boy and sent it to his mom with a sweet, reassuring message explaining that Landon was a great travel buddy and that they played a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors. He says she’s a “lucky mom” and that the $10 wasn’t necessary, so he donated it to The Autism Society in honor of Landon. Alexa says she’s “so grateful” for his kindness toward her son.




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