DDG: Thieves Send Apology Letter After Stealing From Boy With Brain Tumor

Thieves are asking for forgiveness and pledging to get sober after finding out they stole from a five-year-old child who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.Timmy Vick needs surgery to remove the dangerous brain tumor and his father says the kid loves his replica WWE wrestling belts, taking them everywhere and sleeping with them for comfort. Wrestling belt artist Sergio Moreira offered to decorate the kid’s belts for free, but porch pirates grabbed the package off his Edgewood, Washington porch.

Moreira wanted to make good on his promise for the sick boy, so he shared the story with local news and posted surveillance footage of the theft on the Edgewood Police Department's Facebook page, hoping it would help the package be returned. And it worked! Just two days later, the thieves brought the box with Timmy’s belts back, along with a four-page apology letter, which explains the thieves are homeless and addicted to drugs.

“We never wanted to steal a child’s hope,” reads the letter. “After seeing ourselves looking like low lives on the news, we have both decided to get clean and sober.” Moreira says the women were both crying and seemed genuinely sorry when they returned the package. He hugged them and told them he doesn’t plan to press charges.

Source:Sunny Skyz



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