CDC Warns Pools Are Thriving with Crypto Parasite

Health officials are warning about an increase infections from a fecal parasite that can thrive in swimming pools.

The CDC says cryptosporidium, or more simply "crypto," can cause severe diarrhea for weeks. Crypto infections spike during the summer months because people swallow contaminated swimming pool water. Unfortunately, the parasite has a high tolerance for chlorine and can live in a chlorinated pool for up to a week.

To give you the graphic detail; the parasite poops out a cyst with babies in it. If the cysts make their way to your mouth, they can go down your hatch to your gastrointestinal tract. There, the baby parasites break out of their cysts, invade the cells lining your gastrointestinal tract, and reproduce. Swim with your mouth closed.



Photo: Getty


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